Paying more for current functionality: Verizon EV-DO tethering tutorial

Evdo_modemWe’ve shied away from the details on EV-DO tethering in the past; mainly because Verizon has been slow to officially accept an additional $15 a month for a service for service we already have. Last week, however, James got word direct from Verizon that going forward, all new 3G phones would be eligible for the sanctioned connection. With that in mind, Engadget has a fantastic step-by-step tutorial to make it happen. In fact, Ben has his XV6700 tethered to a Mac and uses the fast connection in XP via Parallels, based on this pic! He shows you how to use the phone as a modem on both a Bluetooth and a USB connection.

The entire write-up is filled with screenshots and detailed instructions and while the process is done on an XV6700, the concept is generally the same on other EV-DO phones as well. Great job Ben! I just wish Verizon would consider dropping the monthly fee for this "privilege".


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