Nokia E62, Good Deal for $150

Over the past month the Giga team has been debating over what smart phones to use. Last month I abandoned my Treo 650 for a BlackBerry 8700 after deciding mobile email is my chief concern. A few weeks ago Liz went the same route, and last week Om took the BlackBerry plunge too.

For now we’ve been converted, but if we hadn’t all jumped on the BlackBerry bandwagon before last week, we might have considered Nokia’s new E62. The device went on sale in the U.S. for Cingular last Friday. While a few GigaOM readers have derided the E62’s specs in comparison to its more high-tech European brother the E61, the E62 is actually a really good deal for its price: $150!

That is an almost unheard price for a pretty decent smart phone these days. And it’s a smart development by Nokia and Cingular. U.S. “pro-sumers” are looking for more mid-tier smart phones these days, and a device that can undercut BlackBerry and Treo on price could do really well.

The E62 has a QWERTY keyboard, QVGA screen and is based on Symbian 9.1 series 60. It doesn’t have the E61’s WiFi radio (too bad), but works over EDGE and has Bluetooth. The device also has video and music players, but its unclear whether the audio player is in stereo or not.

Pre-Blackberry Om had been using the swankier E61, which he has been raving about. If the E62 can offer a similar experience at that lower price point, Nokia and Cingular likely have a new winner on the market. Om also likes the fact that he can get a plug-in to help the E-series sync with Macs, made by German company Nova Media. Hopefully the E62 will be included in that soon.

Anyone have any good or bad experiences with Nokia E-series? And is anyone planning on checking out the E62?Also, what is your smartphone of choice?


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