ebook readers galore in Japan


It seems the theme of the CEATEC in Japan this week is ebook readers, with interesting readers appearing from Panasonic and Fujitsu.  The Panasonic Word Gear is a nicely designed ebook reader with a 5.6" touch-screen, making it a good size for portability.  The Word Gear screen runs at 1024 x 600 which should provide nice clear text for producing a good reading experience. 


Fujitsu was demonstrating a concept ebook reader based on the E-ink technology that weighed only 177 grams (just over 6 ounces).


On a down note the Sony Portable Reader that many have been waiting for has been delayed once again until the middle of November.



Stu Gisburne

Actually, I dusted off my old HP TC1100 and it makes a great (although bigger than the Sony) ebook reader.

Stu Gisburne

I still don’t like the idea that these things don’t support DRM PDF’s. I have purchased ebooks from ebooks.com and barnes and nobel and would like to read them on the Sony reader. I really don’t want to be locked in to only the Sony Connect Library.

Raphael Salgado

We’ve got a bunch of these readers in our SonyStyle store. Nice, but feels a little sluggish in my opinion.


James, Sony didn’t delay it, they ran out. :-)

If you can’t find one in a Sony/Border’s, ordering one on the Sony direct web site will get it delivered to you in mid-November.

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