@ AOP: The Social Media Bit, ish

Social media sessionAt the Association of Online Publishers conference, quite a bit of recapping here in presentations for the social media session – definitions that I think we’ve dealt with enough before. Uber-blogger Adriana Cronin-Lukas was speaking and though I’ve heard her ‘pipes and channels’ analogy before, it is delightfully resonant in describing the new environment. The idea is that old media is like the pipes running under the sea, a delivery mechanism with a start point, an end point and a system that is owned by someone at every stage. The internet is the sea, and those pipes are now leaking content. Nice.
I wish there had been a little less defining what social media is and a little more talking about projects and practical problems. Yahoo’s Lloyd Shepherd, director of news sport & info for Europe, outlined an interesting ad project. I’m not sure it’s really very social media – more a good example of innovative advertising. But anyway, Yahoo France did a promo for Ford where it lent ten people a new S-Max MPV for one month and they had to blog about it. The best blog at the end of the month won the car. He admitted the Ford campaign was supported by a traditional promotion and that Ford had concerns about what would be written on the blogs, but said it was a good way of engaging users.

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.