And the broadband went off

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It has been a day without broadband…. think of it as forced downtime not only on my computers, routers and my brain. A little nip-and-tuck in the building where I reside put my cable connection on the blink. Actually, it turned out to be not such a bad idea, for I did manage to accomplish a lot of things that normally would have gone unattended.

Most importantly, I ended up doing the unthinkable – getting a local 415 phone number, which is perhaps the first sign of cutting the cord with New York. It was inevitable, because last week, I finally shipped most of my personal stuff from NY to SF. Looks like I am here to stay – for a while. Or as a friend of mine says, this is the longest (three year long) move to the Bay area.

Nevertheless, while I was away, I missed some stories that I wanted to write about.

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virendra rode

On the lines of downtime, I along with the support of network operator community (nanog, sanog, isp-routing, etc) have initiated “outages” mailing list.

The primary goal of this mailing list (“outages”) is for outage-reporting that would apply to failures of major communications infrastructure components having significant traffic-carrying capacity, similar to what FCC provided prior to 9/11 days but they seem to have pulled back due to terrorism concerns. Some also believe that LEC’s and IXC’s also like this model as they no longer have to air their dirty laundry. Then again, this mailing list is not about making anyone look bad, its all about information sharing and keeping network operators & end users abreast on the situation as close to real-time information as possible in order to assess and respond to major outage such as routing voice/data via different carriers which may directly or indirectly impact us and our customers. A reliable communications network is essential in times of crisis.

The purpose of this list is to have a central place to lookup and report so that end users & network operators know why their services (e-mail, phones, etc) went down eliminating the need to open tons of trouble tickets during a major event.


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