And the broadband went off

It has been a day without broadband…. think of it as forced downtime not only on my computers, routers and my brain. A little nip-and-tuck in the building where I reside put my cable connection on the blink. Actually, it turned out to be not such a bad idea, for I did manage to accomplish a lot of things that normally would have gone unattended.

Most importantly, I ended up doing the unthinkable – getting a local 415 phone number, which is perhaps the first sign of cutting the cord with New York. It was inevitable, because last week, I finally shipped most of my personal stuff from NY to SF. Looks like I am here to stay – for a while. Or as a friend of mine says, this is the longest (three year long) move to the Bay area.

Nevertheless, while I was away, I missed some stories that I wanted to write about.


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