Amazon S3 as Personal Data Backup Option

Jeremy Zawodny, whose works for Yahoo, and qualifies for the uber geek title has come to a conclusion that it is cheaper to store his important data on Amazon’s S3 service that use a server at home.

He argues that it cost him about $1400 to build his server, and at current prices, he is spending around $13 a month at the very least. He thinks the monthly cost is around $35 a month.

By his math, if he transferred all his data now – about 125 gigabytes is going to cost him $18.75 per month.

Let’s further assume that I increase that by 1GB/month for the next five years (mostly photos) and transfer about 2GB every week doing backups (log files, mail, and other temporary stuff is much of that). 2GB every week is 8GB every four weeks, which costs another $1.60 every four week “month” for a total of $20.80 per year or $104 over 5 years. ….. Adding it all up, if those guesses are right and we assume that Amazon’s prices don’t fall (they certainly could in a few years), I’d end up paying $1,688. In other words, switching to S3 could save me $587 over five years!

S3 has been able to become quite the hit with the geek community, and new applications for the storage service are showing up on a daily basis.

Interarchy, a file transfer client for Mac OS X has recently added support for WebDAV and Amazon S3. You can learn more about S3, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area by attending a talk by AWS evangelist Jinesh Varia. AWS evangelist Mike Culver will give an overview of Amazon Web Services, and feature a demonstration showing how developers are able to easily utilize on-demand server capacity in Chicago on October 16, 2006 at 150 N Michigan, 28th floor at 6 pm.

If you are using S3 and building cool applications and/or using it for virtual work, let us know. You know we are suckers for total geekouts.


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