Nokia’s Bluetooth: Wibree

As if there weren’t enough short range wireless standards to consider, Nokia announced a new one today called Wibree (not to be confused with South Korea’s Wibro), which the company says is more energy efficient than Bluetooth. The technology can be used in conjunction with Bluetooth, or on its own. If it turns out to be significantly cheaper and more efficient than Bluetooth, than it could possibly replace Bluetooth for certain applications, though some think there will be little overlap.

Companies have been trying to figure out the best way to wirelessly connect devices like digital cameras, mouses, keyboards, and cell phones for some time. Ultra-Wideband, UWB, which is supposed to be low power and high data, has seen constant delays. Zigbee hasn’t seemed to gain much traction and is aimed more at sensor networks. Bluetooth has landed on a substantial amount of smart phones and headsets, but hasn’t done as well for other devices. Maybe Nokia, in partnership with other companies like Broadcom, will be able to get more of a consensus on this standard. Do we need another short range wireless standard?