Sony batteries just fine in HP notebooks. (Repeat over and over)


Flaming_laptopHot on the heels of a huge Sony battery recall, HP and Sony issued a joint statement indicating there’s no issue with Sony batteries in HP laptops. Here’s an excerpt:

"HP and Sony have studied and agreed that there are currently no safety issues with regard to HP battery packs using 2.4Ah or 2.6Ah Sony cells, although no battery is immune to failure or overheating. As a result, HP determined that it is not necessary for HP to join the global battery replacement program that Sony has announced to address end-user concern related to recent overheating incidents."

Granted, we haven’t seen any pics of flaming HPs, so this could all be on the up and up but…still concerning to me. Needless to say: on this bit of good news, you HP owners can stop lugging around the mini fire extinguishers now.

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