New Lenovo Tablet PC specs leak


GottaBeMobile received some secret anonymous details on the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad x60s Tablet PC and if they prove to be accurate this will be the convertible to beat.  New features not found in the older x41t model:

  • Hi-res screen option– 1400 x 1050
  • Core Duo option
  • User expandable memory
  • Embedded WWAN option (probably Verizon EV-DO like other Lenovo laptops)
  • Dynamic screen rotation (tilt the screen and it rotates)
  • MultiTouch screen option– dual digitizer, active and passive for pen or finger operation (Woot!)

It’s not clear if any of the screen options are mutually exclusive but I’ll bet the MultiTouch will only be available in the old standard XGA.



YES :-) finally a new Lenovo tablet.

First the announcement – and then a 2-3 month wait for delivery – and hey presto – Santa Time. I’m putting one on my wishlist :-) and will start behaving. :-)

I could not get myself to chose any other – i’ve been tempted but no other tablet have the build quality of the x41.

Multi-touch – well i’d rather have the active than passive touch screen. But I want core duo and high res screen – but biggest on my wish list is a faster hard drive.

Rob Bushway

I’m expecting the MultiTouch to automatically sense the pen and turn off touch automatically. That is the way it was demoed at CES in January. however, we will have to wait and see to be sure.


It’s so close! I’ve been patiently waiting for the next generation of IBM/Lenovo Tablets for so long. It looks like it will have been worth the wait. Has anyone else tried to navigate to the X41t tablet on the lenovo webpage? I couldn’t find it. I think the new tablets are really close, whatever the specs.


Are there other dual active/passive screens out there? I would think it would be desirable to turn off one when using the other or else you’d get vectoring. I just got a Q1 and love it, but there’s a learning curve after an active digitizer, which also had a learning curve. Having both simultaneously without being able to cut one off to use the other would be tough. All the problems of both. I do miss pressure sensitivity with the Q1, but I also find some things easier with a passive digitizer that I didn’t expect to.

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