GottaBeABetaTester? We can help


Gbm_logo_1Hey, all the cool kids are doing it. I’m talking about beta testing and getting a first look at something exciting. If you want to in the "cool kid crowd" and lend a hand at the same time, why not help Dennis, Rob, Warner and Matt test their new forums over at Gotta Be Mobile? I can’t think of a better way to help out a trio of tableteers, since most of what they do ultimately helps you. How ’bout it, can you lend a hand?


Dennis Rice

Just continue the lovefest here…., we want to note that not only has Matt done the heavy lifting on this effort, he is “King of the Forums” at GBM. Matt came on board specifically for this purpose months ago, and has been patiently and quietly making this happen in the background.

Long live KOF Matt!!

On another note, we are really looking forward to this forum effort. Having all come from forums background, we really see the need and are excited about having this on our site. Please do stop by and let us know what you think after launch (Oct. 6th btw)!

Warner Crocker

Thanks for the link love, Kevin. And don’t forget our fourth Tableteer on Team GBM, Matt Faulkner. He did a lot of the heaving lifting on work with the forums.

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