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Fox Hopes New Season VOD On MySpace, Fox Local Sites Will Keep Interest During MLB Playoffs

We wrote at length about Fox on Demand back in August, when the first network-local primetime streaming venture started its trial phase in 9 Fox o-and-o markets. Now, in what may be the biggest test yet of News Corp.’s online power, the effort has expanded to and 24 Fox-owned locals (including, finally, mine in St. Louis), as Fox hopes to solve a long-running problem during the baseball playoffs and World Series that take over Fox for the next few weeks. Instead of merely peppering people with promos for shows that will be coming back, shows available for viewing online will be promoted on-air during the games.
Burger King, Toyota and Lionsgate are on board as advertisers. The ad-supported episodes of at least eight new and returning shows are online in what’s termed HD streaming at 1 gigabyte per second. The Fox Full Throttle player comnes from FIM. More details in the release.
— This excerpt from the announcement reads like the core graph in a pitch: “The launch of ad-supported streaming of FOX programming will support several strategic objectives, including building audiences during breaks in regular programming by utilizing an alternative distribution channel; demonstrating the value of online promotions to stations and advertisers; and allowing parallel entertainment offerings to grow audiences simultaneously.”
Update: A few more details from a Fox insider: Half-hour shows will have 3-4 ads — pre and post with one or two interstitials. Hour shows have 5-6 ads — pre, post and several interstials. (I watched “Justice” and the ads felt too pervasive at times.) Local ad inserts are part of affiliate discussions underway. Two third-party shows are included — Sony’s “Til Death” ads are limited to pre and post.