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AdAge’s 100 Leading Media Companies; Internet: $16.92 billion

AdAge has the annual list of the top hundred media companies, and not surprisingly Internet and cable were the growth engines leading to a 6.6% increase in 2005 U.S. media revenue for the top hundred companies.
Time Warner retained its top position, at $33.73 billion, up 0.9%, way ahead of the $22.08 billion from Comcast. As runner-up, Comcast replaced Viacom, the media-entertainment company that split early this year.
Internet contributed $16.92 billion from advertising and subscription fees from 14 companies, up 20.5%. Ad Age does not count internet retail transactions in its totals.
No. 19 Google and No. 21 Yahoo are neck in neck from their search ad totals of $3.71 billion and $3.67 billion in revenue, respectively. But Time Warner’s AOL is at the head of the class at an estimated $6.32 billion in U.S. revenue.
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