HP’s new 2-Megapixel webcam: nice camera with a generic name


Hp_webcamThis new 2-Megapixel webcam from HP (affectionately and generically dubbed "the 2-Megapixel webcam") could be a nice addition to any notebook, convertible Tablet or even a UMPC with a stand. The .33 pound picture taker can shoot still up to 1600 x 1200 resolution, while full motion video tops out at 800 x 600 at 30 fps. Audio can be captured via the built in microphone. The connection to your computing device is done through a USB 2.0 interface and the camera has a unique base that converts to a clip for attaching; if adjustable, this could be useful for the non-desktop crowd. Face-tracking functionality is supported as is compatibility with the major IM clients, but no word from HP on cartoon head tracking or price. Regardless of the nice functionality, the naming department fell asleep on this one. I vote for "2-Cam Sam".

(via Ubergizmo)

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