Slinging TV to the Palm of your hand?


Slingbox_for_palmBoy, when it Slings, it pours! Not only did Sling Media announce three new products plus upcoming support for Symbian, but it seems like they’re saving a little money on their product packaging too based on this pic from Dave Zatz. After all, if you’re going to provide Slingbox support for Palm, why not just print the Palm logo on your product package and cover it up with a sticker? ;)

Seriously, this is great news for Palm OS owners, but at this point, details are between sketchy and few. Engadget has been doing some follow ups with Sling and is hearing that Palm owners might get TV anywhere in the fourth quarter. My advice: put the Slingbox on your letter to Santa now if you own a Palm device.



As one of the first people in the US to have a Tivo, I think I am qualified to say that I love the idea of time-shifting (the generic term for using a Tivo, I much prefer Tivoing as a verb), but why all the fuss about Slingbox? Orb has been available for Palm OS (and my 700p ) since the 700p debuted 4 months ago, is free and does so much more than Slingbox, with the ability to access your music and regular files on a PC as well as video. I think it was profiled here once before, but if not,

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