Asus R2H handles 1.2 GB of RAM


Asus_r2h_3Still no Asus R2H sightings here in the U.S., but our Origami brothers and sisters overseas are providing some good info. Just today, Stefan posted a nice tidbit over on the Origami Project forums that clarifies the memory situation. Remember the confusion about how much RAM the R2H would support? Turns out that even though Asus officially stated that 768 MB could join the 256 MB of on-board RAM, the R2H packaging states the device can use 1.2 GB of RAM. Which is right?

Stefan indicates that the box is correct since he popped a 1 GB SoDIMM into his UMPC. The Control Panel indicates that there’s 1.23 GB of memory in the device, which is outstanding news. Adding RAM to my Q1 really boosted the performance, so if the U.S. version of the R2H can support the 1 GB upgrade (which I expect), we’ll see some very happy UMPC owners!



I purchased a Patriot 1GB PC5300 667MHz SODIMM for $70 from a retail store, and it works perfectly. I’m sure you can find it cheaper online.


That is the first bit of good news I have heard about the ASUS UMPC.
Thank you!

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