Which Nokia N Series Phone Will Be A Hit?


At the Nokia OpenStudio event in New York, I got to play with most of the Nokia N Series phones, and walked away with distinct impression that the only two models that might prove to be commercial hits were Nokia N73 (candy bar) and Nokia N75 (flip phone for US market.) Given that it was one man’s opinion, I wanted to put the question to you, and to help you have cobbled together a little graphic of N80, N73, N75 and N95. Make your pick… and predict the future. (PS: if you don’t much care about Nokia, let me know which phone could be your musicphone of choice and why? iPhone is not a real product, so lets leave that one out.)



I read somewhere that N95 would be available for 700 Euros or so (not sure about US price). Assuming its similar price in the US what type of consumers is Nokia targeting? Om, do you have any idea about Nokia’s marketing strategy for US market?

Werner Egipsy Souza

When I think high-end, I think Sony Ericsson.
Awaiting the P990I, which I believe should satisfy most of my smartphone needs for a loooooooooong time.



Amit Doshi

I use the E61 for music quite a bit. Of theones you got up top the N95 but thats going to be crazy expensive isnt it?

James Body

The big problem with the N73 is the fact that it does not support WiFi. Without WiFi, the user has to rely on (expensive) network data services rather than hook up to fast and inexpensive WiFi access points.

I think that the N95 will be a real winner – when it arrives and when the firmware is sorted. Best buy today is probably the N80 – dripping with functionality, but constrained by that stupidly small battery.

AND – Truphone ( http://www.truphone.com ) are just about to launch a VoIP and SMS client for the N-Series handsets… N80 on WiFi with Truphone – cool!

herman manfre

I’m waiting to see how the entire Zune system is connected together with the Zune Phone and whatever all wifi-ing.


I have the N80 and it’s a great phone – the first I have come across with a usable browser. The first phone I have been impressed with since the SE V800. The N95, as far as I can make out is the successor to the N80.

Nick Hawkins

I’m with Mark. The SE K800 is the shit.

And when I kick it old school with my T-Mobile MDA or my S/E Z800i, that works too.

But then again, I haven’t truly been impressed with a phone since the Motorola Startac was released. That was the best phone ever. Screw the Razr and Motorola with their lack of vowels in phones.

Mark Weatherill

I have found the interface too sluggish on all the N-series Nokias that I have tried. Sony Ericsson K800 is my phone of choice. Alongside a fantastic camera, it has a lightning quick interface that makes all of its features that much more usable.

Arien Malec

N95 with US band HSDPA would be awesome, but failing that, N75 is where it’s at here.

Richard Giles

You’re probably asking the wrong crowd Om. We’re all geeks hanging out for the N95 :)

Ask the general population and you’ll get a different result.

Árni Gunnar

I have a N73 and it’s just a peach of a phone. Fortunately I have quite small hands and fingers, to the keypad is no problem, but I would think a construction worker with huge hands would not like this phone.

The Symbian OS on the phone can be quite slow … like 1 second to open the interface for a new text message … but those are minor flaws in an otherwise great phone.


I have the n73 via import and I can’t say enough about it. My only gripe is with the smallish dialpad (the bottom left is especially tricky for a righty). But, that said I have never loved a phone so much. Call and signal quality (on tmobile) is excellent, and the camera in still and video outperforms. Hopefully by the time it gets released stateside and become popular I will have moved on to my next import, Nokia of course.


iPhone is not a real product?:-) Oh, you mean it is not announced yet!

It would be interesting to get your feedback on N95. Too many features & expensive? Thanks.

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