Mobius report- breakfast with Mickey Segal


One of the great benefits of being involved with the mobile tech community is the opportunity to meet with those individuals whom you might not meet otherwise.  I have been corresponding with Mickey Segal for a long time and since he is based in Boston I had the opportunity to meet with him over breakfast and see what he has been up to recently.  Long-time readers of jkOTR have probably run across Mickey before since he’s been a frequent commenter on the site and he has been a long-time proponent of the mini-Tablet PC for the healthcare industry.  Mickey is a physician and his company is currently working on a web-based program that he was kind enough to demo for me using his Motion LS800 Tablet PC.  Mickey is the guy who had a tailor make a special pocket in his sport coat to carry the LS800 unobtrusively throughout his work day and let him whip it out when needed.  It was pretty cool seeing him arrive empty-handed yet pull out the LS800 when he was ready to show his stuff.

Mickey’s company is SimulConsult and their web-based application is a diagnostic tool for physicians to access remotely to aid in the patient diagnosis process.  What struck me as very cool was how the database they use accepts input from physicians who use the service in kind of a Wiki-like way.  The result is a vibrant resource that while already a good source of information for physicians gets even better over time.  I am no physician but even I could see the benefits for those who are and the concepts for the implementation of the service are very clever.  Mickey realizes the importance of the UMPC market for the healthcare industry, especially since physicians need devices that are small and light enough to carry throughout the day, and his company is working to optimize their program for the lower resolution devices.

It was great to meet Mickey and discuss mini-Tablets in general and I want to thank him for coming out to have breakfast with me.  You can check out SimulConsult’s program at their web site and don’t miss the video demos of it in action.

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