Sitting in Logan Airport- good thing I have a UMPC


I have an hour to kill before they herd us up like cattle onto the metal tube that will shoot us up into the sky and if all works out as planned not fall back out of the sky.  These are the moments that UMPCs live for, a little bit of table space, a little free time, and a hankering to capture those random thoughts that pop up from time to time.  The first thing I checked after I fired up Flash (took 10 seconds to remove it from the bag and open it to laptop configuration in the organizer case) was to check for WiFi availability, of course.  Good strong hotspot almost everywhere I check, the problem is it’s $7.95 for a day pass. 

So I did what any red-blooded mobile tech geek would do, I pulled out the USB cable, attached the phone to the Q1 SSD, and hooked up to some EV-DO goodness.  Speed baby, speed.  I have come to appreciate the speed of EV-DO since the hotel I stayed at in Boston had abysmally slow Internet connectivity.  At first I thought it was their WiFi, which they do provide everywhere in the hotel but it was horribly slow even with a wired Ethernet connection.  So for most of my stay in Boston the Q1 stayed tethered to my phone and enjoyed speeds 2 – 3 times as fast as the 200 kbps the hotel network offered.  I have to admit I have been taking EV-DO for granted but not anymore.  It simply worked as expected every time and everywhere I needed it to work.  Like right now, sitting in Logan Airport.  Wireless is good, tethered is good, connectivity is good.  I’m a happy geek.




thank you. Ihave Edge and knew it wasnt too fast, I need to make the switch


First Post…Guys quick question:

Is EVDO much faster than EDGE from CIngular and Tmobile?


This is why I love you guys. You give great feedback and ask great questions. Firstly, you caught me, Mike. I only needed the table space to enjoy my cheeseburger and onion rings from Johnny Rockets. I could easily have used Flash in my hands but since the table was there…

Secondly, I hooked Flash up to the Portable Power Station so the battery would be fully charged to watch Battlestar Galactica on the plane(which I did).

Could I have done all this with a Tablet or laptop? Of course I could, but if the table had not been there it would have been difficult.

Re: the Bluetooth tethering vs. USB: for simple email checking BT speed would have been sufficient, but I also wanted to check my 300+ RSS feeds. For that I wanted the extra bandwidth that USB tethering provides. Even more importantly the XV6700 gets charged when it’s connected via USB so it was a win-win situation.

Mike, I see the UX is no longer on your “worst device ever” list and is now on your gadget lust list :)


The only thing better is using my Ev-Do over bluetooth. I might be giving up a bit of speed and battery life but it works like a dream.

Mike Cane

>>>These are the moments that UMPCs live for, a little bit of table space,

TABLE SPACE?!!? You pig! You toady of The Man! You poor enslaved fool! Here I am in NYC’s Winter Garden tap-tap-tapping this. Sure, I’m at a table, but with the Nokia 770, I *nevah* have to beg The Man for table space!! Liberate yourself! Upgrade to the UX280P! (Since jk knows me, not only don’t I need no stinkin’ table space, I don’t need no stinkin’ smiley, neither!)

BTW, Dynamism will be selling the Vega!! Oh, is that battery life tempting! It’s like the 770’s. (UX faints ~2 hrs!)


Sure, lucky you with EVDO. And if you rich over 2Mbps. What is not true always with EVDO (?).

For the rest of us, BT (800kbps) is still faster than external data connection of cellular phone, isn’t it?

Certainly, we all wishes more WiFi and free.
For example within a City of London I had no problems to find free Wifi almost everywhere…

But maybe I’m still optimist too much. :-)


What phone do you use? Why USB cable?

I connect Q1 to phone by Bloetooth. Simplier. One cable miss.

Tim Marman

Yep – EVDO is, as I’ve said before, disruptive. You simply no longer worry about connectivity… you just assume it’s there.

The only problem I’ve had lately is speed. I’ve been getting abysmal speeds in NYC – I can only guess that the network is saturated with all the EVDO phones etc at this point. Hopefully that improves soon.


James, I wondered if you’d yet had a chance to try speech recognition on Flash?? I am massively curious to know how it will perform for recognition accuracy and speed of text. I’d guess the latter could be into a new dimension with SSD, tho whether a celeron processor can provide enough power I don’t know. Fascinated to learn how you’ve got on some time (hope I haven’t missed it somewhere). Guy

Michael Venini

I love the UMPC, but couldn’t a tablet, or a laptop do the say thing in this situation?

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