iHome’s iH5 Clock Radio

iHome iH5

No, not that iHome.

Ain’t No Other Man…

The iHome iH5 clock radio is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a full-featured clock radio that lets you hook in your iPod as a source for sound. So instead of accidentally having the radio wake you up blaring Ain’t No Other Man, you can wake up to something much more kind…like Sunrise.


I’ve been using the iH5 for the past couple of weeks, waking up every morning using it. It’s been a pleasure to use and even greater pleasure to be able to chose exactly what music wakes me up. I find it way to jaring to have a buzzing alarm wake me up and regular radio, no matter what station, inevitabely is playing something that isn’t as pleasant as I’d like it to be.

There are quite a few small features that really make this product usable. Things like iPod alarm backup that will make your radio or buzzer go off if you forgot to dock the iPod and then Sleep which lets you set your iPod to play music for a certain amount of time and then auto-shutoff (like the Sleep feature on your television).

The most obvious major feature that really sets this apart from all other clock radios is the ability to dock your iPod. It supports practically any docking iPod (gen 3, gen 4, iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod nano) and has connectors to make all of them fit. It even supports the iPod shuffle an other audio devices that can’t dock. If it’s got a headphone jack, you can use the iH5.

Sound Quality

The only gripe I can find with the iH5 is the sound quality. While it’s certainly not bad, it isn’t exactly award winning either. But then again, why would superb sound quality matter at 6AM (or noon for some of you)?

Don’t get me wrong, the quality is definitely at an acceptable level, but you’ll find that the lows and mids get muddied together more than a higher-end system might give you.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the iH5 really is a great product for its purpose and is a welcome addition to my nightstand. It’ll run you around $100 and comes in black or white. Go check it out.

Now, if only there was a way to disable this snooze button…


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