How do you BAG it?

Decentralized working has its upsides, as we’ve all been writing about on WWD, but one thing definitely suffers: my shoulders. It seems like everywhere I go – cafes, hotspot-enabled parks, office space – I’m lugging my laptop around, ready to work at a glimmer of a broadband connection. After a few blocks even the lightest laptop bag strap starts tugging on my shoulder like it’s holding the 9-lbs Dell, I spent a grand on for my first reporting job.

Now that my newer laptop is pretty light, and I’m still smarting, I’m starting to think it’s the bag. Maybe I should actually invest some time and energy checking out the ergonomics and design rather than opting for the free hand-me down from coworkers or friends. (No more thrift store buys.) I guess I should also pick one that looks decent enough, given its going to get worn more than my favorite sweatshirt.

A friend sent me a link to a company called Everquest Design which sells laptop bags with authentic pieces of the landing parachute from the Soyuz International Space Station, or cloth from Mount Everest expeditions. They’re probably pretty sturdy, but then I remembered that I’m not an aging business man trying to relive my extreme-sports youth. The idea is a little too Richard Branson for me.

Does anyone have a favorite laptop bag brand that has been their stalwart through endless telecommuting?


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