Google Reader updated; good for podcasts too

Google_readerFeed reading is becoming all the rage these days and it’s no surprise: consumer information consumption is clearly changing. I remember when Google Reader came out last year and I thought it was solid for basic aggregation and reading of RSS content. For most folks it’s fine; I often look for advanced features that assist with blogging.

The new Google Reader is looking even better with the recent refresh. Google might have added features along the way in the past 12 months or so; I could have missed them. This time around, I see some nice features I either missed the first time around so long ago or were recently added. For instance:

  • Simply scrolling past items marks them as read by default (you can turn this feature off, however)
  • Counts of unread items in your feeds now appear
  • You can quickly and easily share or publish interesting items.
  • Podcasts can be streamed via the Google media interface. Here’s the latest MoTR podcast for example:

I’ll watch for additional developments as Google Reader isn’t quite powerful enough for my needs; but for most people, it’s a great way to read and manage content at any mainstream web browser. Is anyone hooked on Google Reader for their content?


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