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Sling_familyAs a follow up to information shared yesterday at Mobius, Sling Media formally introduced the new Slingbox family this morning. All of the official deets are in the press release after the jump so check it out. If you’re like me and want the ability to control and sling media from multiple devices (up to four, including one high-def source), the PRO model is well worth it. The ability to seamlessly change inputs while on the road is a mobile masterpiece. If you’re happy with a single media source, then take a look at the Tuner and AV models, both of which carry the same MSRP.

Owners of Mac and Symbian devices should celebrate too. Dave Zatz spoke with Brian Jacquet at Sling and has word of official support for both platforms in the near future. Oh, and for our friends north of the border in Canada: you can get the Sling Player Mobile client starting today!

Sling Media Delivers
Three Ways

to Have

Your TV “Anywhere-Anytime” with the New Slingbox Family

Company introduces three new Slingboxes that increase streaming performance by up to 300% over the home LAN. Slingbox PRO includes an optional HD component input for customers who have next generation HD receivers.

San Mateo , CA – September 28, 2006 – Sling Media, Inc., a digital lifestyle consumer electronics products company, today announced the nationwide availability of three new Slingbox™ products each designed to meet the varied needs and requirements of today’s TV households. The Slingbox PRO, Slingbox Tuner and Slingbox AV give consumers ultimate control over their living room television no matter where they happen to be and what display they’re using giving consumers an entirely new way of viewing their living room television. Each new product delivers on the promise of Sling Media’s award-winning Slingbox which made “placeshifting” a household name. Much like the first Slingbox, the Slingbox PRO, Slingbox Tuner and Slingbox AV transform PCs, laptops and windows-based mobile phones and handheld computers into personal TVs allowing customers to watch and control their home analog cable, digital cable, satellite, DVR or other video source (DVD player, still video camera, etc.) wherever they happen to be.

Sling Media has not only enhanced the performance and overall feature set of these new products but has also segmented them for specific customer needs and added new hardware and software enhancements specific for each market segment. Finally, Sling Media has reduced the retail price of its news Slingbox products and better yet has maintained its no monthly fees. The Slingbox Tuner and AV will carry a MSRP of $179.99, the Slingbox PRO will retail for $249.99 MSRP, the same cost of the original Slingbox when I was first introduced.

“Just over a year ago, Sling Media delivered to consumers a ground breaking product that well over a hundred thousand have now incorporated into their daily lives,” said

Blake Krikorian

, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media. “With our new products, we have focused on creating a better out-of-box experience for our customers, increased performance and software features and segmented our product family to reach a new set of customers who are now ready to experience the benefits of Slingbox. At the end of the day, our mission remains the same – create the best possible consumer experience with killer products that our customers simply love.”

Which Slingbox is Right for Me?

With the three new Slingbox products Sling Media has created a product that fits the needs of just about every customer, no matter how basic or sophisticated their home TV set-up currently is. The complete Slingbox Family – Slingbox PRO, Slingbox Tuner and Slingbox AV – all incorporate the same familiar trapezoidal shape and provide 300% video quality improvement.

Slingbox PRO

Slingbox PRO is perfect for the consumer who has multiple A/V devices.  This version features a super-set of inputs including one for an optional HD component connection, giving HD set-top box customers added performance and ease of use in connecting the Slingbox PRO to their High Def home theater system. Other features include widescreen (16:9) support; high quality programmable video compression; full control of up to four A/V sources from any PC/Mac/laptop; pass-through connections for seamless integration into current A/V configurations; easy connection to set-top boxes (digital cable, satellite, DVR); remote control of A/V devices – all for the same price as the original Slingbox.

Sling Media will sell an optional connector for HD set-top boxes called HD Connect which includes component input and a pass-through output. The accessory will be available later this fall for $49.99. Customers who wish to seamlessly connect their HD receiver to the Slingbox PRO using the component connection will need to purchase this accessory. 

Slingbox AV

Slingbox AV gives customers who have a set-top box for their digital cable, satellite receiver or DVR (TiVo or other), the ability to connect their Slingbox seamlessly to their set-top box to enjoy all the benefits of these robust, standard definition devices. Slingbox AV features include: watch and control capabilities from any PC/Mac/laptop or windows-based mobile device; widescreen (16:9) support and high quality programmable video compression.

Slingbox Tuner

Slingbox Tuner is ideal for customers with standard basic analog cable who want to easily view their line-up of television channels and do not require access to a set-top box, DVR or other AV devices. The Slingbox Tuner can also easily connect to a cable modem in an office with or without a TV present and serve as a “second” Slingbox giving a frequent traveler his or her choice of channels even when the family is watching something on the main TV. Slingbox Tuner features include: watch and control capabilities from any PC/Mac/laptop or windows-based mobile device; pass-through connection should the customer want to connect their Slingbox to a TV and high quality programmable video compression.

New Level of Customer Care

With this new product launch, Sling Media is also introducing new customer support capability aimed at providing first-time customers with a hassle free installation. Automated technology, embedded in Sling Media’s software installer allows “live” chats between customers and Sling Media technical support representatives – at the time the customer is going through the installation process. In addition to this “live” chat support, a Sling Media technical support representative can also take control of the customer’s PC (with the customer’s permission) to assist real time with the installation

“Our focus on simple installation – including the ability to have live interaction with a technical support representative during the installation, or allowing the technical support representative to take over a customer’s machine to make the necessary adjustments – raises the bar and sets a new standard in the industry that is unmatched for companies our size,” continued Krikorian. “Sling Media is taking a huge step forward as a company with this launch and nowhere is it more apparent than our customer support as we work even harder to make “place shifting” a household word.”

Pricing & Availability

Slingbox Tuner and Slingbox AV each carry a suggested retail price of $179.99. The suggested retail price for Slingbox PRO is $249.99. The optional HD Connect dongle for Slingbox PRO carries a suggested retail price of $49.99. The complete Slingbox family is available nationwide at select and on-line retailers including:,, Best Buy,



, CompUSA and at Office Depot will begin carrying Slingbox Tuner and Slingbox AV starting in October. All three products are available beginning today but availability will vary from retailer to retailer. We suggest checking with your retailer’s online store first or call your local retailer prior to purchase. 


and the Rest of the World

With today’s announcement Sling Media is also making its SlingPlayer Mobile software available to Canadian customers through its newly designed web site. Customers can now download and purchase a registration key from for $35.99 CAD. The new Slingbox products announced today are expected to be available in Sling Media’s Canadian retail channels, including Best Buy, FutureShop, London Drugs and others within the next 60 days. We will announce worldwide availability details in Q1 2007.

About Sling Media
Sling Media, Inc. is a digital lifestyle products company creating a family of consumer electronics solutions that are a natural extension of today’s digital way of life. The first member of the Sling Media family is the award-winning Slingbox™, a device that allows consumers to access their living room television experience at any time, from any location, using a variety of different displays including laptops and desktop PCs, PDAs and smartphones. The Slingbox is available from leading retailers nationwide and through Sling Media’s own website. For more information on Sling Media or the Slingbox, visit

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