OWA Light 2007: great features, less filling


Owa_lightOutlook Web Access, or OWA, can really come in handy while you’re on the road. If you aren’t able to run a full Outlook client or perhaps you’re at an Internet kiosk and need access to your Exchange-based mail, OWA is a decent solution, not perfect, but decent. Looks like the solution might be getting a little better, based on Microsoft Exchange 2007 OWA Light.

OWA Light is a watered down version of OWA Premium, but it’s not short on features and ease of use. Additionally, it’s supported a number of browsers (unlike the Premium version) on both Mac and PC, including Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera and of course, IE. Like OWA Premium, you can access e-mail, tasks, appointments, and contacts; the difference being that some advanced features aren’t available. The payoff is in usability and speed of the connection, so if you just need the basics on different configurations, you’ll want to watch this develop.

(via Pocket PC Thoughts)

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