MySpace Video Streams Outstrip YouTube; Or So They Say

More videos were watched on MySpace in the US during July than on YouTube. comScore has reported that 1.5 billion videos were watched by 37.4 million unique users on the News Corp-owned site, compared with 649 million by 30.5 million users on on YouTube. This follows News Corp president Peter Chernin’s statement earlier this month that MySpace aims to match or exceed YouTube’s audience, which it already appears to have done. Chernin said as much as 60-70 percent of YouTube’s user connect through MySpace, though YouTube CEO Chad Hurley inevitably played that down.
comScore put Yahoo’s unique users higher than both MySpace and YouTube at 37.9 million unique users. Release
MySpace has 43 million ‘real’ users?: Forever Geek’s ‘Barbarian’ has had a bit of rant about that eyecatching 100 million MySpace accounts figure and, after pummeling Excel for a while, concluded that figure is inflated by 133 percent. He checked 303 random MySpace accounts and then scored one of six categories including invalid ID, logged one month after creation, logged in within the last week and so on. It’s worth taking a look at these results, however unofficial. Only 42 percent of accounts had been accessed within the last month and more than 50 percent aren’t visited again after the first month. ‘Barbarian’ estimates the real number of MySpace users – not accounts, but users – at 43 million. “Very unscientific? Yep. More accurate than the 100,000,000 myth? Damn straight. The 100,000,000 number is inflated by 133%.”
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This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.