Music To Nokia’s Ears


The WSJ has an interesting article on Nokia’s efforts in the mobile music space, as it tries to claw back recognition for its high-end handsets. There’s the insistence on calling the phones “multimedia computers” (good luck with that — why replace one or two syllables with eight?) which is apparently central to Nokia’s strategy…”Mr. Vanjoki’s quest is central to the Finnish company’s ability to reclaim the high ground in handset design and to spur sales in saturated markets.” As with mobile games, Nokia is trying to take a leading position with mobile music, in a bid to avoid being relegated to mere OEM.
“He also must perform a delicate balancing act with carriers, many of which have invested heavily in developing their own music services. Nokia says it will allow cellphone service providers to offer music downloading under their own brands. Potentially more threatening for carriers is if the handset maker launches a Nokia-branded service, a move it plans to make, according to a Loudeye regulatory filing. Mr. Vanjoki declines to confirm those plans.”
One telco executive said Nokia’s purchase of Loudeye wasn’t a concern because the handset giant is likely to offer that service to smaller operators who couldn’t run their own music service.
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