Microsoft announces official Zune details


Zune_playerNot much new here, but if you want the official Zune details direct form Microsoft, they made the announcement this morning. Highlights and details include:

  • MSRP of $249.99
  • 30 GB for storage and pre-loaded content
  • 3-inch LCD screen with rotation support
  • Zune Pass subscription is $14.99 a month
  • 79 Microsoft Points purchases a single track (and people shuddered when virtual gold was purchased for real cash in World of Warcraft!)
  • Availability is November 14th

There’s a complete listing of the pre-loaded content, accessories and their costs in the release as well. What isn’t in there is anything regarding the DRM and sharing restrictions, but that doesn’t make for good PR, now does it? ;) I hope mainstream consumers gain an understanding of these DRM approach before they buy.



79 MS points = 99 cents

You can buy 1600 point cards for $20 (no tax) at Best Buy etc..

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