Intel’s plans: smaller CPUs for UMPCs and integrated HSDPA for Centrino


Santa_rosaWhat an exciting time in the development of CPUs. Think about it: we’ve seen 64-bit computing support, multiple cores on a single chip and we’re now going to see even more advances. Intel shared some of the future at the Intel Developer Forum and if you’re into mobile computing, you’re gonna like what they say.

In the first half of 2007, Intel plans to roll out a new chip for UMPCs that will use less power and only be 25% of the size of  today’s current chips powering these mobile devices. Better yet for some: Intel announced that Nokia’s HSDPA high-speed wireless technology will become integrated in the next generation Centrino platform, called Santa Rosa. Could this mean that HSDPA comes from behind and surpasses EV-DO here in terms of adoption and coverage? How does this fit into Intel’s WiMAX investment? I’m getting goosebumps…



This combined with the news from a month or so ago of Sony working on a cellphone-sized 16×9 screen has me dreaming of the possible next-gen UX easily fitting in my pocket (where my phone and PDA currently reside, and where I wish I had a good hard-drive based video player) and being the greatest device ever known to man, beast or beastman.

Actually, I’d like to see what you (being James and Kevin) think could be made with all the different innovations popping up from different companies. SSD drive here, new screen there, new chip over there, what kind of cool all-in-one or never thought of devices could be made if the tech world was one big happy monopolistic family.

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