Installing Vista RC1 on a MacBook Pro


If you were wondering just how big a geek MobileTechRoundup co-host Matt Miller really is I can offer you conclusive proof quantifying that fact.  Yesterday during the Mobius presentations all attendees were given Vista RC1 on DVD and Matt, who brought his MacBook Pro, didn’t waste any time.  He popped that DVD into the MacBook to install it under Parallels to run in a virtual machine.  Since Vista support requires the latest version of Parallels and Matt hadn’t upgraded he did so right there during the conference.  Once he had the proper version of Parallels downloaded and installed he spent the rest of the afternoon installing Vista on the MacBook Pro.  He was still having some issues at the end of the day but I’ll bet he has them ironed out by now.  I was sitting next to him at the conference and I have to tell you it is so cool seeing Vista running under Mac OS X.  Here’s some photos I snapped of it in action:

Mobius Day 1 018
Mobius Day 1 019

What a geek! 



YEs, I confirmed with Peter that is is the older DELL x1 laptop, which is a rebadged Samsung Q30.


The Laptop that Peter Rojas had was probably the Dell Latitude X1

Kevin C. Tofel

Sweet! Me thinks that once the Meroms appear in the MB and MBP line, I’ll have a new machine for the home office for this type of setup.

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