Google Launches Reader Upgrades


This just in – Google has launched an upgrade to its online RSS reader, and many of the changes are welcome improvements. For starters the UI which matches Google Calendar and Google Mail is so much better that what was – not ideal, but definitely worth the wait. The performance of the service seems to have improved, even in Safari. The new version allows use of keyboard short cuts that make navigating information much much easier. More thoughts when I get to play with it more. Niall has more details here.


Nitin Nanivadekar

Also take a look at
We are not as gifted as Google but we are doing it right. We are building a newsreader with a social touch.
Eventually we will reach where Google is, technically.
Popularity? We can not help. We look at the best the Bloggers to have them take a look. But no one cares a look at you when you are struggling to reach out to people.

Taylor Wimberly

Dang I was just getting comfortable with the old interface, but I welcome the changes. My feeds are getting out of control and it looks like the organization is a lot better this time around.


Guess its time to switch over to GReader from Bloglines.

This one looks and works great!


This is great news. It even works on the Nokia 770 now. It’s still too slow for my needs on the mobile side, but it works a whole lot better on my PC. Still, I think I’m going to stick with Bloglines for now as it’s still the fastest of the two.

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