Blog/Social Media Intelligence Firm BuzzLogic Raises $1.5 Million

Where there is an ecosystem, there emerges companies to mine that: Buzzlogic is a new firm which just launched, seeks to define who is shaping specific conversations in blogs with “algorithms that analyze relationships”, based on certain criterion.
The company recently raised $1.5 million in seed financing from investors including Ackerley Partners and angel Ron Conway. Scott Briggs, former president of Ziff Davis, and CEO Rob Crumpler were also investors.
As the company describes it, “BuzzLogic calculates and surfaces the influencers who are shaping and driving specific conversations in social media with algorithms that analyze relationships, such as who connects to whom, about what is happening and who is listening.” Of course it’s not the only one doing it, others more established and other startups are moving into the space, or are already mining blogs in many other ways.
Some more details in the release here.