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Niall Kennedy and I got together shortly before I left for NY to record our latest podsession – which is all about little hacks that can help virtual companies, virtual workers and well pretty much anyone who is building a business. We are sharing some of those hacks in the podcast, and if you have some of your own, let me know. (Podcast is available for download here.) My favorite hack is well – get a T-Mobile blackberry if you need email on the go.

Why? Because it can take in your IMAP email and basically sync the status of messages – read, unread or deleted back to your server. Others can try Seven Mail on their Treo or Nokia E61, which does precisely that. You don’t need Exchange server.
Niall recommends:

I recommend ProCare for businesses with multiple computers as a way to skip lines and get better service from Apple for everything from logic board repairs to training new employees on productivity applications. Amazon Prime is a good way to share Internet shopping efficiency between up to 5 co-workers.


Steve Cook

I have a simple mail setup – I use Gmail with my own mail address over the top. Then I can use my mobile phone to surf in and check my mail when I’m on the run. Easy as anything and no special device needed.

Rex Dixon

I’d definately like to have the gear that Om carries. Even just the laptop would be nice. Current laptop is one of those older IBM thinkpads, A23M I think is the model. It does the job, bought it used at a computer show for like $400 over a year ago.

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