Sling updates the Slingbox line


Slingproseries3While at Mobius, James shot me some info to pass along. Brian Jacquet from Sling Media shared information about the rumored new Slingbox line from Sling Media. The rumors should become fact in the very near future with a Sling announcement, but we can give you some of the deets now as well as share a pic that Dave Zatz is featuring on his site (shown above the Series 3 TiVo):

  • Sling will be offering three brand new models: Tuner, AV and PRO
  • Tuner includes an analog tuner and will cost $180
  • AV leverages the tuner in a set-top box for cable, satellite, etc and also costs $180
  • PRO has four inputs including an HD connection and costs $250
  • Sling Mobile will be released in Canada
  • New boxes are built around a Texas Instrument chip that increases performance by at least 300%

The updated Sling Player software is optimized for much faster streaming than the original Slingbox; in the range of 6,000 Kbps or greater and the resolution is upped to 640 x 480. Actually: that part didn’t come from James; I’d call it "personal experience" if I could, but then I’d have to eliminate you. In fact, I might have gotten bitrates even faster on my LAN, but I’d never publicly admit it. ;) Seriously, the new Slingboxes are leaps and bounds over the original product which I already thought was fantastic. Trust me: they’re even better now, and, yes: they still work great on a UMPC!

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