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Podcasts By Phone…Who Needs Data?

Fonepods offers a service that allows people to access podcasts from any phone, assumedly through a voice call. “A Web-based interface allows users to customize and create their own listening “channels”, as well as produce their own content, share content, or collaborate with friends and colleagues. Additional functionality allows users to organize, tag, or rate podcasts – from any web-access device – with all major browsers being supported.”
It’s not the first company to offer audio content via voice calls, and as voice calls become cheaper and included in packages it may be a more cost-effective way to deliver the content than via mobile data — although Fonepods is promoting it based on ease-of-use, which could also be a big selling factor until buying content via mobile is easier. The other major benefit is that voice calls one of the only things on mobile that are standard across every handset and carrier…no porting costs. The LA-based company was founded in May.