More Sony Reader details: MobileRead


The pics that Engadget ran tell some of the story, but MobileRead has the rest. There is a very detailed, lengthy write-up from Bob Russell, who also attended the Sony Reader event. Some of the interesting items that jumped out at me from Bob’s article:

  • Recharge time is 4 hours. This is fantastic because with 7,500 page turns, you won’t be recharging that much; a few hours every couple of weeks is outstanding.
  • There is no backlight, which helps with the power requirements, but could be a minor turn off for some folks. However, the display looks great even in bright sunlight.
  • Device wake up about 5 seconds when returning from a "sleep" mode; not bad.
  • Content can be licensed for up to 6 devices

The device should be available by the end of next month, so if you’re interested in it, Bob’s hands-on experience are required reading.



Actually, if you ordered yesterday before around 2pm PDT you could have had your unit tomorrow (if you paid for expedited shipping.)

I’m currently expecting mine Monday.

Dave Zatz

It looks great in sunlight, but most of my reading is by dim or no light in bed while fiance sleeps. No backlight could be a big sticking point for me.

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