Exclusive: James and Matt spotted in the wild!


James_and_mattMobius announced today the availability of James Kendrick and Matt Miller, both of which are fully functional podcast hosts and bloggers. As you can see by this exclusive pre-release photo (courtesy of MobilitySite), these are not cartoon characters, but actual real-life products/personalities. No details on the specs, but each should be capable of providing outstanding mobile technology blog posts daily as well as informative and entertaining audio podcasts twice per week.

The first batch appears to be an extremely limited product run as there are no photos of any duplicate products; apparently, there is one and only one of each unit. We’ll have to wait for more details; in the meantime, product update and availability details at Mobius will be available at MobilitySite. Have fun guys!!!



That James Kendrick is one master of disguise. He has a moustache in his cartoon icon. His picture on the Houston Chronicle has him with a beard. Now he’s seen clean-shaven out in the wild. Is he in the witness protection program or something? LOL

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