Apple releases iTunes 7.0.1 update


When iTunes 7 was released, it brought not only a lot of new features and interface changes, but a lot of bugginess. Many users have complained loudly, even taking New York Times columnist David Pogue to task.

Apple today released iTunes 7.0.1, which is available via Software Update and Apple’s web site.

According to Apple, the 25.7MB download “addresses stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, iPod syncing, and more.”

The cries of users have clearly been heard. Have their problems been solved?



i cant get any of these things to work on my computer. i liked to old system better what ever it was. so because theses systems dont work i cant get my music on to my ipod ugh.

gary dempster

for me, if i leave it on mini player size, no problems, if i leave it open full size, it absolutely destroys my computer performance (91-100% cpu always) — has always done so, no updates have helped whatsoever.


my ipod is not werking i dont no what itunes i ues the man in tha shop says to my ues itunes 7 and i ues it but it dosnt werk

peals help me

thanx :)

Apple Fanboy

Apple is a terrible company with horrible customer support…


i have itunes 6 right now too, and i just got a new ipod and when i plug it into my computer it says i need to download itunes 7 because ‘the ipod is incompatible with itunes 6’…

you said that the library auto updates, but will my playlists stay the same as well?

does anybody know if there’s a way to use my new ipod with an old version of itunes?


since updating I have constant audio cfonfig issues. I have to keep uninstalling and installing quicktime if I want to listen while working on my desktop.
wish I could go back to previous version I didnt have this issue


I have Itunes 6 and i want to download itunes 7 because i need it for my 2nd generation ipod nano……..But i am wondering will my songs from itunes 6 copy over to itunes 7 automaticaly and if not is there anything i can do to it so they will transfer over


Itunes 7 is quite possible the worst piece of software I have come across.
If I could roll back I would, if I wasn’t using an ipod I would install some other software…

Apple should update this program very quickly if they want their customers to continue to have a positive experience with their brand…


Im using a mac and I was having problems with 7.0, now with the latest update 7.0.1 is even worse it freezes right away, before it froze after a couple of songs. I have had a mac for more than a year and I hadnt had any problems until the update.


Tom I tried to uninstall itunes 7 and go back to 6 by using the ADD or REMOVE PROGRAMS in control panel but it did not remove everything.When I tried to put 6 back on it said I had remains of a newer version still on my pc. I ran a search for itunes and deleted each and every thing that it found separately right from the search results even as it was still searching.It did not take long at all.To save my music, I took all my music out of the itunes folder and put it in a different one and renamd it.Once I installed itunes 6,I just drag and dropped my playlists from the folder I made and renamed to my new itunes playlists I created.Sounds like a lot of work but it’s not.


I take back my above comment. has not fixed any problems for me. It seemed like it did for a couple minutes but I still have all the same problems. I was going to buy an iPod but I won’t now. Or at least I won’t until they fix his piece of crap. I would love to know how to roll back to iTunes 6 while saving my playlists.


7.0.1 is a little better but I am still having problems. Not only does the sound stutter and sound, in general, lousy, but it slows down my whole system. If I try running any other program… even email… things lock up. What a piece of crap! I wish I had never downloaded iTunes 7 now. I would roll back to iTunes 6 but I don’t know how to do that without losing my playlists and other settings.


i have deleted songs from my computer that are still on my ipod.
will itunes 7.0.1 delete them from my ipod when it syncs? or does it just add the new songs?
in old itunes versions you could choose to manually update songs but this one doesnt allow it.

any one any ideas?


Itunes 7.0 is terrible. Podcasts don’t finish downloading, sound quality is bad when surfing the net while running, songs got duplicated. Hopefully 7.1 fixes this.


Anyone else seeing problems with podcasts? cause ipods to reboot and not downloading all the way?


The latest update for itunes certainly did not solve my only problem. Which is 100% cpu usage the moment i open the program. Which causes video playback to be very difficult. Not to mention possibly burning up the cpu. So obvioulsy I dont leave the app open very long. Hopefully the gurus at apple solve the real problem I have.


Sadly, my first-gen black Nano still isn’t recognized by iTunes after plugging it in, ejecting, and plugging it in again. Why do I have to reboot just to be able to sync my damn iPod?

iTunes 7 is a damn great release, don’t get me wrong, but this is really starting to grate.


Try labeling the first disc “1 of 1” and the other “2 of 2” – this should seperate them.


I didn’t notice a difference, all of my songs seems to work well, but I upgraded anyway.

I have a question for you people.
In Winamp (windows) I can add files and folders and it’s all sorted the way I want it.. by folders. Well atleast when I add them.

In iTunes I can’t seem to find such an option as to sort songs by folder. Is this possible? If yes, then how?!
If no, how do you people do who have 2 albums with same name, but one album has 4 more songs cause its a special edition?!
I get songs like:
01 artist – album – first song
01 artist – album – first song
02 artist – album – second song
02 artist – album – second song

This annoys me quite a lot, since I have 20-30 cd’s which I have 2 of because of special editions.

So if anyone knows a fix, please help! =)


Coverflow still has hang-ups when scrolling from one end to another.

The 3 layout switch buttons are reacting a bit faster, but, however, they seem not to react “just in time” when pressed..

I have a Mac Mini with a 1.66 Core Duo (formerly the biggest Mini, before the 1.83 came) with 512MB of Ram.

Maybe I should upgrade it?


It still does not fix my 2 biggest problems:

• It does not remember the width of the artwork’s column in View #2, even though it remembers the resizing of any other column. Why give me the ability to change it when it won’t remember?

• “Music Videos” needs its own section in the library. At least bring back the filtering options in the “Videos” section from iTunes 6.


Well, Apple is becoming more like Microsoft in the sense that more and more people are buying their products. With more customers comes more pressure to release new and updated products. It all comes with the territory but as long as they quickly fix it you can’t blame them for trying. At least we don’t have to deal with Windows… well, unless you want to, that is.


It worries me that Apple seem to be getting more like Microsoft in their willingness to release bug filled products to the masses. My MBP, which replaced a faithful G4, was whining like a banshee until I found ShhMBP, amd Coverflow worked just fine as a standalone, then seemed to break when they got it for iTunes.

I’m glad they get the fixes (at least for software) out there fast, but I’d prefer it if they held of release while longer to iron out these things.

BTW, love your blog!

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