Sony Reader out and about


Sorry_reader_2Engadget got some playtime with Sony’s long awaited ebook product and I’m of the opinion that adding RSS reading makes it a more compelling product. [Not that anyone asked. :) ] One of the biggest draws is the low power consumption of the PRS-500 from Sony: the e-ink only uses power when rendering text so you should get around 7,500 page flips. The device looks thinner than I expected, which is a real plus as it weighs a scant 9 ounces. Sony indicates you can store up to 80 books on the internal storage, but add more via a Memory Stick or Secure Digital card.

Sony will offer up to 10,000 titles at the launch of the CONNECT store.  Is it me or does the CONNECT  store look like the iTunes store?  Head over to Engadget and you be the judge.


Richard L

It’s a nice device, but I don’t think it will gain much acceptence behond the gadget loving crowd. Also, if the device is ment to replace a paperback book, why not show it next to a paperback book. Also, speeking of an actual book, if you put the character size the same as a book, can you read it as confortably without noticing the pixels. At 170 pixels per inch and 4 gray tones, I don’t think so. For me, the pixel density will have to increase to reproduce the reading experience of a printed book.

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