Nokia Bets Big On N95


New York — At the Nokia Open Studio conference in New York this morning, Om got the first news of Nokia’s much talked about N95 phone, which the company says will revolutionize mobile computing. The company has been building its portfolio of N-series “multi-media computers” and says it has already sold 10 million N-Series phones so far.

The N95 is a slider phone with a 2.6 inch QVGA screen, five megapixel camera, embedded GPS and the ability to automatically geo-tag photos for easy uploading to Flickr. It also has video-out to your television and will be connected via all types of networks, including HSDPA.

Nokia also announced its N7597, the only a clamshell phone for the N series, which will be available to the U.S. market in the fourth quarter. (A reader reminds us there is also the N71 clamshell.) Om will add more thoughts later today.

Update: Check out Om’s look at Nokia’s Music Push for more details.


Jim Hughes

I’d argue that the N90, N92 and N93 were also clamshells too, so the N75 is actually the 5th Nseries phone.

Linking to an article about the N75 and calling it the N97, erm hello?

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