Is Apple the Standard Setter?

On my way east, I finally got a chance to read Pip Coburn’s latest WayPoints missive. He speculates that 802.11n would be the technology of choice in Apple’s iTV, making it a competitor to MoCA and HPNA home networking technologies that are getting friendly vibes from CableCos and PhoneCos.

I wonder if Apple’s iTV gives 802.11n a big leg up over its rivals, mostly because many of the early adopters could jump on the iTV bandwagon, building demand for 802.11n chipsets, and thus drive down their prices, forcing other competing technologies to play catch up. If I remember correctly, Apple did help catalyze the 802.11b market back in the day. ??It played a big role in Bluetooth adoption, and similarly has pushed the envelope in the higher speed(s) Ethernet.

Tristan Louis, speculating on the impact of the rumored Apple-Cingular link up, thinks that it could provide the big push for GSM-standards in the US. He also has similar conclusions about Apple’s roles in standards that get traction. Louis points out Apple’s decision to drop floppy drives, modems, and other little things that have now become industry practice. And of course the iPod ecosystem approach.

So you think it is fair to say that Apple is a standard setter?