Dot Mac Going Web 2.0?

A few months ago, I was one of the many dotMAC users who complained bitterly about the lack of attention being paid to the service by Apple. Apparently, someone very powerful was listening and changes are coming. David Zatz tips me off to a new web MacMail page which shows that the Mac Mail is getting an upgrade.

The new features listed on the page lead me to believe that Apple is taking a lot of Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX and applying it to the service.

Smart Refreshes
Mac webmail keeps page reloads to a minimum, by refreshing only the portion of the page that needs updating, instead of reloading the entire page.

Manage your Inbox easily, by dragging and dropping messages, just like you do on your desktop – even multiple messages at the same time.

The new look replicates the desktop MacMail look and feel. I hope this is the first of many changes that are applied to dotMAC service.