Dislocation and Working in Strange Places

I am in New York this week, for work, and mostly to get away from Silicon Valley. Between visits to art galleries, hanging out with friends over long wine infused dinners, I have to find time to work, and write and still be productive. I am finding that its not that easy. Working out of cafes in San Francisco, or roaming Silicon Valley is by now second nature.

New York, is proving to be tougher, mostly because of geographic dislocation. Unlike SF, I am not familiar with the WiFi zones. I spent most of the evening yesterday and today looking for WiFi connection because the Verzion EVDO Express Card stopped working for some odd reason. (Any tips on a quiet WiFi enabled cafe below 23rd street in Manhattan?) More than connectivity issues, I am finding that the new geolocation is not letting me get in the flow of things. Do you have any advice or tips for me? Have you experienced similar issues, or is just an “om issue.”


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