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Gail Levy of TabletKiosk let me know about an upcoming roadtrip where they will be bringing the UMPC experience to some select cities in the US.  The TabletKiosk Demo Days is currently scheduled to visit the following cities:

Anaheim, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Houston

You can get complete details at the Demo Days web site and put in a suggestion for them to visit your town via email.  I hope to see you at the Houston event!


Randall Garrett

No, if you check the link, youll see that they actually are doing this in conjunction with some seminars we put together for Continuing Education credits within the Real Estate industry. By the time we got through all the red tape for CE credit, there were only four locations available for the rest of 2006. In 2007, we’ll be doing between 30 and 40 roadshows.

James – we’re not that far away from you (San Antonio) and I’d look forward to meeting you in Houston.

Hope this helps!

Randall Garrett


Maybe they want to practice their roadshow before they are ready for Broadway.

Mike Cane

Do they REALLY NEED to be told to come to NYC? What’s wrong with them?!!?

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