TextExpander Improvements: User Input


Following the review I posted about TextExpander, it seems there’s a consensus that the free version and the $30 version were still too close in feature-set to warrant the $30 license.

So I pose this question:
What improvements would you want to see in TextExpander that would make the $30 price tag worth it for you?

So far one suggestion is to have folders, or a way to organize an overgrown listing of snippets.

A suggestion I’d add would be a way to block an abbreviation from expanding, sort of a reverse delimiter. So if I have an abbreviation of my initials and I wanted to use ‘NLS’ instead of my full name, I could hold down something like the escape key (simply for explanation purposes) to force TextExpander to overlook my typing for a moment.

So what would you want to see in TextExpander before you shelled over your hard-earned bucks?



To get my $30, textexpander would have to fix a crippling bug — I use it to data stamp my file names. I type along, and when I get to the end of the title and go to stamp, the stamp blinks in, but erases everything before it in the line. I’ve reported the bug, and the answer boils down to, “maybe this will get fixed in a future version.”

$30 seems to be a bit high, but I have quickly come to depend on this program for my day to day work, so it’s worth it to me. However, I’m switching to Typei4me, which is about the same price and doesn’t have the annoying “erase my whole line when I invoke an abrev.” bug.

Typeit4me seems to do better with fast typing, btw, so if you have that problem with TextExpander, check it out.


Yea, I suggested being able to organise the snippets in folders.

I have lots & lots of snippets. Way to many to be able to remember abbreviations for all of them. So if they were organised into folders I could use all the abbreviations I could remember. And then for the rest I could select the snippets from the menu bar icon organised nicely in subfolders (same way as with iSnip).

If they added that feature alone I’d buy the new version & be able to use 1 app instead of Textpander & iSnip.


Dude, I agree with Kai. Make it $10 and watch the sales grow more than 3x current.

Nice app – to be sure – but way too much.


My suggestion would be that paying for the current feature set is OK, but $30 is too steep.
I have been using the donation-ware version (yep, and haven’t got around to paying for it) and would happily pay $10 or even $15 for the current feature set that I’m using, but $30 is a fair chunk of cash for a small utility like this.

Payment for the app is great, I’m just questioning the amount.


I’ve got an old version of TextExpander (back from the days when it was Textpander), so this may have been updated. Having said that, I’d love an option to set whether the snippet expands after a delimiter is typed or not by snippet.


Let the users bundle snipets with a filter for which applications the bundle works with (ala quicksilvers triggers).

Create a site for users to post bundles.

Textmate is a great source of ideas here as it does this sort of thing really well.

Nick Santilli

yeah, exactly – hence the ‘reverse delimiter’ idea I was thinking of. I don’t have a perfect solution in mind, but the smart people at Smile On My Mac should be able to deal with that…

hopefully they’ll get wind of this thread and there’ll be some good ideas submitted that they’ll pick up.

Lee Webb


I’d want it to know what I want to type before I even touch the keyboard!

The trouble I have with it is expanding stuff in the middle of a word, say for an abbreviation I’d forgotten about. Can be kind of embarrassing!


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