TextExpander Improvements: User Input

Following the review I posted about TextExpander, it seems there’s a consensus that the free version and the $30 version were still too close in feature-set to warrant the $30 license.

So I pose this question:
What improvements would you want to see in TextExpander that would make the $30 price tag worth it for you?

So far one suggestion is to have folders, or a way to organize an overgrown listing of snippets.

A suggestion I’d add would be a way to block an abbreviation from expanding, sort of a reverse delimiter. So if I have an abbreviation of my initials and I wanted to use ‘NLS’ instead of my full name, I could hold down something like the escape key (simply for explanation purposes) to force TextExpander to overlook my typing for a moment.

So what would you want to see in TextExpander before you shelled over your hard-earned bucks?


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