My Xbox 360 broke just in time

Ring_of_lights_1 A little off-topic from our normal mobile tech theme, but worth sharing. We’re about to pull the trigger on our third HDTV tonight; no, we didn’t win the lottery, this is a progressive upgrade: I’ve owned a high-def set since 2001 and due to a move, our new family room has outgrown the five year old 34-inch widescreen set. Our other set (2 years old) is a smaller 27-incher, and we’ve got to go bigger. So here I am all ready to do some big screen high-def gaming on the Xbox 360, when I get red lights on the console and it won’t boot. Uh, how do you explain that? "My gaming console won’t boot and there’s not Control, Alt or Delete keys here…."

The three lights indicate a hardware failure, so I’ve removed the external hard drive. She now "boots", but freezes after 3 to 5 minutes. Not good. Turns out the new Microsoft goodwill warranty just came into play and is going to save my wallet…a good thing since the new HD set will empty it.

Any Xbox 360s purchases prior to January 1 of this year get a one-time free fix. Since like so many other knuckleheads, I camped out for an Xbox last November (and even blogged my plans), I’m eligible and just in time too. I don’t have my proof of purchase, but the console itself has a production date of 10-12-2005, making it among the first (and glitchy) batches of 360s. My support rep indicated that even thought I don’t have the proof of purchase, Microsoft would be sending me a pre-paid UPS box to return the unit at no charge. Kudos for standing behind a product that was rushed out the door, not to mention the level of customer service!


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