Microsoft releases Vista build 5728 to testers


Vista_logo_1Well THAT was quick. I’m not sure how much RC1 feedback could be incorporated into a new build so soon, but Vista build 5728 is now available to beta testers. Luckily, I don’t pay for broadband by the MB; yes, I’m DL’ing now. I’m curious if the builds start coming fast and furious now; we’ve got to be in the homestretch of a general code freeze in the next few weeks.

Hopefully, the Windows Mobile Device Center is included by default on this build; I’ll let you know. If your handheld or smartphone just can’t wait for WMDC, there’s a tip over at Gotta Be Mobile on how to get it if you have Vista. The same tip (and tipster) provided the info here as well; thanks for the heads up Mike!



Did a clean install on a Motion Computing M1400VA with 2Gb of RAM. Installed without a problem. Still no mobile sync – no noticable difference between this release and RC1


Tried to upgrade my desktop – did not work – bluescreend – and could not see where. But roll-back worked fine.

Now trying on my X41 tablet.


Kevin, there is hope in that Q1 users eventually overcome the vectoring problem, but it would be great not to have the issue at all in the first place. Like the experience to be as natural as in a regular tablet pc.

And yes, would really appreciate you testing the vectoring and let us know.

Kevin C. Tofel

John, I really don’t experience the vectoring problems because I’m semi-trained to rest my palm on the bezel. I’ll have to force the vectoring and let you know.

Paul, I’ll be attempting both: a clean install on a desktop and an upgrade on a tablet.


Interesting that the screenshots apparently show an upgrade from RC1 to 5728, not a clean install. James and Kevin, are you going to attempt an upgrade or go directly to a clean install?


Well build 5600 was a huge step backwards for me and my LE1600 so I’ve got high hopes for this next build.

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