Found: Goodies in the 1.2 iPod Update


Maybe I’m just late to the party in figuring this stuff out, but in the event it’s news to you, I’m posting it.

Since iTunes 7 and the iPod 1.2 update were released, I’ve discovered a couple neat things that my 5G iPod is apparently capable of doing now.

The first thing I noticed was the stopwatch. Was this available before? If so, forgive me, but I hadn’t noticed it. It’s a pretty nice implementation, and allows timing multiple laps and everything. It’s not quite the Nike+iPod feature set you get with a Nano, but it’s a decent (free) alternative.
If this has been around a while, let me know in comments – maybe I’ve just been asleep at the wheel here…

The other nice new feature I’ve found is the bezel overlay when scrolling through Artists, Albums, Songs, and Composers. Similar to the iPhoto bezel you get when you scroll through the Library and it displays the month and year, on the iPod, you see what letter you’re currently scrolling through. This I found, was especially helpful when looking for something in the car.

Found anything else neat with the latest iPod update? Please share!



If you need to reset the updater, I think it’s IPOD wizard that allows you to roll back (but you will need the earlie software update to reset it


i hate it it wont let me use the screen when pluged into my pioneer car convertor so im trying to go back to an older update any help? thanks

Paul Provost

Battery indicator at the top right when playing a video and controls (either scan position or brightness) are displayed. Or maybe I hadn’t noticed it before…

Keith Wright

Hey Guys,
Off the point but i seem to have develpoed a software problem with my 5G ipod. The stoopid thing seems to think it’s docked so won’t turn off, meaning the battery runs down after a couple hours.
Anyone seen this before cos its really irritating?


There’s another little thing, you can trigger the backlight by just touching the click wheel and then removing your finger. Before the 1.2 update, you need to touch the click wheel then move your finger slightly. Sometimes you want to see how many minutes is left of the song or how far you’ve gone into the song, but if you move your finger too far you change the volume instead. So this eliminates the possibility of a mistake.


I Noticed the appearance of ALPHABETS in the center of your iPod screen as you scroll through any of your list, which is really helpful if you have a big collection like mine.

I did not get the bevel effect though. I will check back on feedback from others.

take care.

Nick Santilli

haha, wow. Thanks Karsten, I totally missed everything!

I didn’t see the actual event with Steve, so I only got details second-hand. I completely missed that. Well, it was exciting for me I guess…
And I typically just listen to music on my iPod and haven’t clicked around much, so I’m not totally surprised it’s been there a while. oh well.


maybe i am wrong but i think i am 99% sure there was something before…
i remember using something in my 4g ipod…
its definitely not like the one in the new ipods…


When watching a video you can now alter the brightness just you you were previously able to fast forward.

The brightness also persists in the regular menu system – which is nice for when you’re iPodding in the dark


Errr… The bezel-overlay is the whole ‘fast-scrolling’-feature that Steve Jobs anounced, if i’m not mistaken.
And the stopwatch has been there for a long time already… So… nothing shocking, i’m afraid ;)

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