Found: Goodies in the 1.2 iPod Update

Maybe I’m just late to the party in figuring this stuff out, but in the event it’s news to you, I’m posting it.

Since iTunes 7 and the iPod 1.2 update were released, I’ve discovered a couple neat things that my 5G iPod is apparently capable of doing now.

The first thing I noticed was the stopwatch. Was this available before? If so, forgive me, but I hadn’t noticed it. It’s a pretty nice implementation, and allows timing multiple laps and everything. It’s not quite the Nike+iPod feature set you get with a Nano, but it’s a decent (free) alternative.
If this has been around a while, let me know in comments – maybe I’ve just been asleep at the wheel here…

The other nice new feature I’ve found is the bezel overlay when scrolling through Artists, Albums, Songs, and Composers. Similar to the iPhoto bezel you get when you scroll through the Library and it displays the month and year, on the iPod, you see what letter you’re currently scrolling through. This I found, was especially helpful when looking for something in the car.

Found anything else neat with the latest iPod update? Please share!


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