Bandwidth, Its Getting Cheaper

High speed cable and DSL connections are getting a bandwidth boost, along with per month bills. Verizon and Cablevision have both introduced consumer broadband packages with speeds in excess of 30 megabits per second, and have also boosted the upstream speeds. Even second tier cable providers like Charter are pushing cheaper, faster connections.

Charter is currently selling a 1o megabit per second connection for $60.47 a month. Our good buddy, Phil Harvey, a Charter subscriber, does some friday evening beer infused math and concludes that his price per megabit per month is around $6.04, down from a whopping $41.94 he was paying in September 2003. Now imagine if there was real competition.

Tell us, how much you are paying per megabit per month, and how does it stack up against what you were paying say three years ago. You can calculate this by using Harvey’s theorem: Divide your monthly bill by the speed being touted by your broadband provider.