Industry Moves: CNET EVP Suzie Reider Leaves; Joins YouTube As CMO

Kinda interesting how everyone’s raiding CNET’s talent pool for startup senior execs (though CNET has always been a good platform for a lot of online execs): Suzie Reider, who till now was the EVP and GM of CNET’s entertainment properties, has left the firm…she was very recently promoted at CNET, after Vince Broady left to join Yahoo as the head of its games and entertainment properties. Prior to that, she was the division’s senior VP, sales and marketing.
CNET PR confirmed Reider’s departure and is looking for a replacement…meanwhile, Barry Briggs, CNET’s president and COO, is overseeing that business unit.
According to our sources, she has started as the first CMO of YouTube, running sales and marketing, though YouTube PR has not responded to multiple requests for official confirmation. This is its first major marketing appointment and comes after it announced a new CFO.
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