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Some Blog Ad Networks Head Into Maturing Phase

A look from ClickZ at the maturing of some of the most publicized blog ad networks.
Federated Media Publishing: Founded by John Battelle, the company recently added an automative category and 23 more blogs but will take an expansion breather for a bit to focus on the back-end and on the sites already in the network.
BlogAds: Henry Copeland’s network is migrating to a more robust platform to handle more sites and and more ads. Copeland says he’s seeing more small to mid-sized marketers. By the ’08 election he plans to be offering mini-networks of political bloggers organized by state.
AdBrite: Not really a blog network any more … now with 20,000 sites, the company says it competes more with AdSense than blog networks and that blogs only account for 5-10 percent of its network. CEO Iggy Fanlo says the network has 650 million page views daily and 62 million monthly uniques with ad impressions around three billion a day.