Steve: Looking for a CEO? Call me!

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I am writing you today to discuss my future as CEO of Apple Computer. I understand that you have done a fabulous job with the company, resurrecting it from oblivion in 1997 to a well oiled machine of today. This is truly a reflection of your leadership, and I am sincerely delighted to continue this pace.

As you may or may not know, I’ve studied your leadership tactics acutely. Last year the speech given at the Stanford Stadium was a stroke of genius, while a candid reflection on how life has shaped you. The transcript provided me with an interior perspective to life as CEO of Apple.

I believe in the ideas that Apple has brought to the industry. To create a company is an easy task, to make it part of American culture is astounding. That’s where I feel that I could step in and take Apple in the direction that will keep the industry on its toes.

As CEO, I believe that Apple can continue to gain market share by embracing open standards and contributing to new ones. The Internet is the next software platform, capable and ready for Apple to innovate with. A rich platform like Mac OS X, and the internally discussed X1 technologies, require an innovator and thinker such as myself. I know what people want to do on their computers, and it is in yours and mine to bring them to life. I hope you find this letter well, and we shall talk once I leave Microsoft.


Willam Gates


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